Rutgers Center for Green Building

  • Andrews, Clinton

    Title: Professor
    Department / Research Program: Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy/ Urban Planning and Policy Development
    Phone: 848-932-2808
    Detailed Profile:
    Research Areas: Policy, Building efficiency, Simulation modeling, Human behavior, Green buildings, Electric utilities
    Energy Research Focus: Behavioral, policy and planning aspects of energy use in the built environment
  • Birnie, Dunbar P., III

    Title: Professor and Corning Saint-Gobain Malcolm G. McLaren Chair
    Department / Research Program: Materials Science and Engineering
    Phone: 848-445-5605
    Detailed Profile:
    Research Areas: Photovoltaic devices, Solar power systems, Solar+battery systems for energy resilience, Future electric transportation, Renewable energy storage in vehicle batteries.
    Energy Research Focus: Chemical growth of thin film solar cells to enable low-cost future solar technology. Looking at earth-abundant compositions and environmentally friendly chemistries. Interested in the logistical, social, and technological aspects of our transformation from gasoline to electricity for regular commuter transportation in our densely populated state. This is embodied in the "Solar-2-Vehicle" project that emphasizes work-place solar generation and vehicle plug-in to supply reasonable local commuting on green power. Interested in strategically adding battery capacity to solar array sites to provide energy resiliency in future storm/mishap scenarios. We have focused on solar availability and the relative match in size of battery with the size of the solar array.
  • Kornitas, Michael D.

    Title: Director of Sustainability and Energy; Research Associate Rutgers Center for Green Building
    Department / Research Program: Facilities Maintenance & Operations Utilities
    Phone: 848-445-3726
    Detailed Profile:
    Research Areas: Sustainability, Conservation
  • Senick, Jennifer

    Title: Executive Director
    Department / Research Program: Rutgers Center for Green Building
    Phone: 848-932-2904
    Detailed Profile:
    Research Areas: Sustainability, Conservation, Environment, Behavior Field Research, Building Performance, Evaluation, Energy Policy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy
    Energy Research Focus: Why energy conservation measures fail; how to design/operate more human-focused usable buildings; intersection of green building and health/well-being, community resilience and built and natural environments.