Rutgers Center for Green Building

  • Andrews, Clinton

    Name: Andrews, Clinton
    Title: Professor
    Department / Research Program: Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy/ Urban Planning and Policy Development
    Research Areas: Policy, Building efficiency, Simulation modeling, Human behavior, Green buildings, Electric utilities
  • Birnie, Dunbar P., III

    Name: Birnie, Dunbar P., III
    Title: Professor and Corning Saint-Gobain Malcolm G. McLaren Chair
    Department / Research Program: Materials Science and Engineering
    Research Areas: Photovoltaic devices, Solar power systems, Solar+battery systems for energy resilience, Future electric transportation, Renewable energy storage in vehicle batteries.
  • Kornitas, Michael D.

    Name: Kornitas, Michael D.
    Title: Director of Sustainability and Energy; Research Associate Rutgers Center for Green Building
    Department / Research Program: Facilities Maintenance & Operations Utilities
    Research Areas: Sustainability, Conservation
  • Senick, Jennifer

    Name: Senick, Jennifer
    Title: Executive Director
    Department / Research Program: Rutgers Center for Green Building
    Research Areas: Sustainability, Conservation

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