Rutgers University awarded "Energy Educator of the Year".

Clean EnergyBoard of Public Utilities Recognizes New Jersey's Clean Energy Leaders

Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:58pm EDT

BPU Commissioners present 2009 NJ Clean Energy Leadership Awards
Energy Educator of the Year - Rutgers University

quote.gifThe Energy Educator Award recognizes a school, college or university for its efforts to improve the energy efficiency and use of renewable technologies in their facilities and for implementing specific programs and activities to involve students and include energy education in their curricula.
After citing numerous specific examples of the model work being done at Rutgers University, Commissioner Randall remarked that, "The level of educational outreach, the widespread application of energy conservation measures and the continued support of New Jersey's Energy Master Plan earned Rutgers University the award for 2009 Energy Educator of the Year." She then presented the award to Michael Kornitas, Energy Conservation Manager at Rutgers University.

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