Chundawat, Shishir P.S.

  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Department / Research Program: Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
  • Email:
  • Phone: 848-445-3678
  • Detailed Profile:
  • Research Areas: Biochemical Engineering, Biomanufacturing, Biomass Process Engineering, Biopharmaceuticals, Bioseparations, Carbohydrate-Active enZymes (CAZymes), Cellulose & Carbohydrate Chemistry, Cellulosic Biofuels, Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis, Glycans, Glycoconjugates, Glycoengineering, Glycobiology, Protein Adsorption, Protein Engineering, Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy
  • Energy Research Focus: The Chundawat Research Group takes a carbohydrate or ‘glycan-centric’ approach to research problems focussed on renewable plant biomass based bioenergy & bioproducts production. His group therefore develops and applies protein and glycan engineering (or glycoengineering), advanced bioprocessing, and single-molecule biophysical techniques to address fundamental bioenergy specific research problems. He is particularly interested in understanding the fundamental biological processes involved in the biosynthesis of plant cell wall based carbohydrate polymers (e.g., cellulose) as well as engineering hydrolytic enzymes for more efficient bioconversion of carbohydrate polymers to value-added bioproducts.

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