Chant, Robert

  • Title: Professor
  • Department / Research Program: Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences
  • Email:
  • Phone: 848-932-3348
  • Detailed Profile:
  • Research Areas: Coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics. Wave energy, tidal energy, sediment transport, and ecological impacts of marine construction.
  • Energy Research Focus: Dr. Chant is a physical oceanographer who specializes in coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics using observations, theory and modeling to elucidate mixing and dispersive processes associated with wind driven, tidally driven, buoyancy driven and wave driven flows. His research also includes interdisciplinary studies of larval, contaminant and sediment transport processes. His expertise is well suited to interact with hydro-kinetic power production in riverine, estuarine or coastal ocean environments. This expertise includes characterizing hydrodynamic conditions in field sites and assessing potential environmental impacts of large-scale hydro-kinetic projects.

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