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SPS '18 - Innovations in Transforming Waste to Value-Added Products
From Wednesday, December 05, 2018 -  09:00am
To Friday, December 07, 2018 - 03:00pm
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Speaker RUTGERS EcoComplex

SPS' 18 will focus on waste valorization and sustainability challenges, as well as opportunities for creating value-added products from the waste streams abundant in our cities, oceans, and food supply chains. The conference is chaired by Serpil Guran, Rutgers University.


Conference Chair

  • Serpil Guran, Rutgers University

Steering Committee

  • Foster Agblevor, Utah State University
  • Callie Babbitt, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Shishir Chundawat, Rutgers University
  • Debra Darby, Organix Solutions
  • Francesco Di Maria,University of Perugia
  • Donna Fennell, Rutgers University
  • Sadhan Ghosh, Jadavpur University
  • Marianthi Ierapetritou, Rutgers University
  • Uta Krogman, Rutgers University
  • Jonathan Krones, Yale University
  • Lise Laurin, EarthShift Global
  • Ronald Mersky, Widener University
  • Ramaswamy Nagarajan, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Kim Ogden, University of Arizona 
  • Rik Riman, Rutgers University




The Symposium will focus on the following themes:

Organic Waste & Food Waste 

  • Food Supply chain waste
    • Agricultural waste & feed waste
    • Food Processing waste
    • Other pre-consumer waste from distribution and supermarkets/commercial and residential kitchen waste
    • Post-consumer waste from residential and cafeteria/hotel/hospital waste
  • Collection and logistics
    • Waste contamination and impacts on the efficient conversion for valorization
    • Food waste to Products conversion technologies (existing & emerging)

Plastic Waste

  • Recycling, downcycling and/or upcycling
  • Collection and logistics
    • Contamination
    • Suitable conversion technologies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Waste Water Treatment 

  • Innovation and improvements
  • Transitioning for tomorrow

Electronic Waste

  • Material recovery
  • Environmental benefits assessment, LCA
  • Cost Benefit Analysis

Construction & Demolition Waste

  • Technologies and approaches for valorization
  • New Products
  • Energy and material recovery


  • Policy
  • Economic & Managerial
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Circular-Economy creation

Assessment of Waste and Products

  • Assessment of waste and valorized end products
  • LCA
  • Technoeconomic analysis
  • Social Sustainability
  • Organic waste integration into Food-Energy Water Nexus Concept


Featured Speakers

Freya Burton

Freya joined LanzaTech in 2007 and has worked in various roles throughout the company. Freya is deeply committed to LanzaTech’s mission of creating a carbon smart future. She is a board member of the Low Carbon Fuels Coalition and with LanzaTech is a founding member of below50, the low carbon fuels initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Freya oversees Government Relations, Communications and HR at LanzaTech. She holds an MA from Cambridge University.Read more

Douglas Elliott

Mr. Elliott has over 35 years of research and project management experience in the Battelle system at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). His work has mainly been directed toward development of fuels and chemicals from biomass and waste. His experience is primarily in high-pressure batch and continuous-flow processing reactor systems. This research has also involved him in extensive study of catalyst systems. In addition to process development, chemical and physical analysis has also been a significant part of his work. While at Battelle, Mr. Elliott’s research has involved...Read more

Location Room TBD, Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ

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