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Rush Holt at Rutgers Energy Institute Symposium

Rush HoltRush Holt Calls on Federal Government to Drive Innovations in Energy Technology, Climate Policy

Congressman joins industry and academic leaders to examine energy and climate issues at Rutgers Energy Institute symposium


Innovative research and technological advances can help the United States reduce its dependency on fossil fuels. But first elected officials and the public will have to overcome their reluctance to engage in energy and climate policy issues.


At an energy symposium at Rutgers this month, U. S. Representative Rush Holt challenged the federal government to lead the effort by making investments in science that will lead corporations and businesses to change their practices.


“If you are looking for new energy technologies, if you are looking for an understanding of climate measures, there are things that can best be done from the federal level,” said Holt, who represents New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District, which includes part of Rutgers in New Brunswick.  


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