Energy Storage Research Group

  • Title: Professor
    Department / Research Program: Material Science and Engineering, Center for Advanced Solid State Ionics, Advanced Power Prototype Laboratories and Energy Storage Research.
    Phone: 848-932-0921
    Detailed Profile:
    Research Areas: Energy Storage
    Energy Research Focus: Research, development and advancement of new energy storage device chemistries enabled by advancements in materials science.
  • Title: Assistant Professor
    Department / Research Program: Rutgers Business School – Department of Supply Chain Management
    Phone: 973-353-1287 (office) | 732-570-1653 (cell)
    Detailed Profile:
    Research Areas: Energy Policy and Economics, Energy Resource Management, Risk and portfolio Analysis, Power systems planning, Generation expansion planning, Human health externalities, Intermittency of renewables, Power grid disruption and resilience
    Energy Research Focus: Applying operations research models to determine the best investment strategy to expand the electric power grid that minimizes total societal costs including market cost and health damages. I also apply similar models to study how to expand capacity to mitigate disruption and intermittency of renewable sources.