Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

  • Andrews, Clinton

    Title: Professor
    Department / Research Program: Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy/ Urban Planning and Policy Development
    Phone: 848-932-2808
    Detailed Profile: http://bloustein.rutgers.edu/andrews/
    Research Areas: Policy, Building efficiency, Simulation modeling, Human behavior, Green buildings, Electric utilities
    Energy Research Focus: Behavioral, policy and planning aspects of energy use in the built environment
  • Felder, Frank A.

    Title: Director and Research Professor
    Department / Research Program: Center for Energy, Economic and Environmental Policy (CEEEP) and Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
    Email: ffelder@rci.rutgers.edu
    Phone: 848-932-2750
    Detailed Profile: http://policy.rutgers.edu/faculty/felder/
    Research Areas: Electricity markets, renewable energy and energy efficiency evaluation, reliability analysis of electric power systems, electric power systems and climate change
    Energy Research Focus: http://ceeep.rutgers.edu/

    Center for Energy, Economic & Environmental Policy (CEEEP)

  • Herb, Jeanne

    Title: Associate Director
    Department / Research Program: Environmental Analysis and Communications Group; Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
    Email: jherb@ejb.rutgers.edu
    Phone: 848-932-2725
    Detailed Profile: http://eac.rutgers.edu/jeanne-herb-associate-director/
    Research Areas: Climate Change, public policy, participatory decision-making, science communication, environmental justice, community engagement, vulnerable populations.
    Energy Research Focus: Framing science informed clean energy and climate change public policy. Engaging a variety of decision-makers and stakeholders in science-informed policy development.
  • Kopp, Robert

    Title: Professor, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences; Director,Rutgers Institute of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences
    Department / Research Program: Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Email: robert.kopp@rutgers.edu
    Phone: 732-200-2705
    Detailed Profile: http://www.bobkopp.net/
    Research Areas: Policy, Economics, Integrated Assessment
    Energy Research Focus: Climate and energy decision-making under uncertainty
  • Noland, Robert B.

    Title: Distinguished Professor, Director of Voorhees Transportation Center, Director of PhD Program in Planning and Public Policy
    Department / Research Program: Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Voorhees Transportation Center, PhD Program in Planning and Public Policy
    Email: rnolard@ejb.rutgers.edu
    Phone: 848-932-2859
    Detailed Profile: http://bloustein.rutgers.edu/noland/
    Research Areas: Impacts of transport planning and policy on environmental outcomes, micro-simulation of pedestrian-vehicle interactions, non-motorized transportation, safety analyses.
    Energy Research Focus: Impacts of transportation planning and policy on both economic and environmental outcomes, economic effects of behavioral reactions to changes in reliability, associations with the built environment, and trip chaining behavior, impacts on safety, climate, health, and other factors associated with overall quality of life, evaluation of traffic safety data and how safety modeling is used in economic assessment and planning of infrastructure, analysis of the costs and benefits of road diet conversions, analysis of walking behavior and links to other travel behavior and the built environment, analysis of climate change impacts on accessibility, evaluation of bike-sharing systems
  • Rodgers, Mark

    Title: Assistant Professor
    Department / Research Program: Rutgers Business School – Department of Supply Chain Management
    Email: mrodgers@business.rutgers.edu
    Phone: 973-353-1287 (office) | 732-570-1653 (cell)
    Detailed Profile: https://markrodgersphd.com/
    Research Areas: Energy Policy and Economics, Energy Resource Management, Risk and portfolio Analysis, Power systems planning, Generation expansion planning, Human health externalities, Intermittency of renewables, Power grid disruption and resilience
    Energy Research Focus: Applying operations research models to determine the best investment strategy to expand the electric power grid that minimizes total societal costs including market cost and health damages. I also apply similar models to study how to expand capacity to mitigate disruption and intermittency of renewable sources.
  • Senick, Jennifer

    Title: Executive Director
    Department / Research Program: Rutgers Center for Green Building
    Email: jsenick@rutgers.edu
    Phone: 848-932-2904
    Detailed Profile: http://greenbuilding.rutgers.edu/
    Research Areas: Sustainability, Conservation, Environment, Behavior Field Research, Building Performance, Evaluation, Energy Policy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy
    Energy Research Focus: Why energy conservation measures fail; how to design/operate more human-focused usable buildings; intersection of green building and health/well-being, community resilience and built and natural environments.