• Brennan-Tonetta, Peggy

    Title: Associate Vice President, Economic Development and Associate Director, NJAES
    Department / Research Program: Rutgers Office of Research and Economic Development and NJAES Office of Cooperative Research
    Phone: 848-932-3776
    Detailed Profile:
    Research Areas: Bioenergy, policy, economics, clean energy, and business development
    Energy Research Focus: Assessing bioenergy potential, analyzing the economics of bioenergy, and supporting clean energy business development
  • Guran, Serpil

    Title: Director
    Department / Research Program: School of Environmental and Biological Sciences EcoComplex
    Phone: (609) 499 3600 x4225
    Detailed Profile:
    Research Areas: Advanced biofuels, Low-carbon drop-in fuels, Thermochemical Catalytic Conversion of sustainable biomass and waste in to low-carbon energy forms, Carbon foot print of fuels. LCA.
    Energy Research Focus: Catalytic Pyrolysis of unrecycled plastic waste and waste biomass into drop-in diesel and other fuels; Assessment of Biomass Energy Potential in New Jersey; Assessment of food-waste to low-carbon distributed energy generation potential of New Jersey’s hurricane prone counties for sustainability and resiliency.
  • Lyons, Kevin

    Title: Associate Professor
    Department / Research Program: Associate Director Rutgers Energy Institute, Rutgers Business School/Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Archaeology Lab
    Phone: 973-353-3347
    Detailed Profile:
    Research Areas: Supply Chain, Supply Chain Archaeology, Energy Supply Chains, Waste Management, Recycling, Waste Archaeology
    Energy Research Focus: Understanding embedded and embodied energy, GHG and other environmental, social and economic impacts of producing products and services in global supply chains using supply chain archaeology field research.
  • Specca, David

    Title: Assistant Director for Bioenergy and Controlled Environment Agriculture
    Department / Research Program: Rutgers EcoComplex
    Phone: 609-841-2080 x4226
    Research Areas: Bioenergy, Biopower, Bioheat, Biofuels, Biomass Feedstocks, Biomass Assessment, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Controlled Environment Agriculture, Solid Waste to Energy, Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE), Anaerobic Digestion, Business Incubation
    Energy Research Focus: Applied Research, Demonstration, and Deployment of Clean - Waste to Energy and Biomass to Energy Technologies. Sustainable Energy through maximizing energy efficiency including combined heat and power technology and controlled environment agriculture.