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President's Task Force on Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resilience

Congratulations to REI Associate Director Kevin Lyons, and EAOS Director Robert Kopp for their co-chair appointments to the Task Force on Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resilience.

The task force is charged with developing a comprehensive climate action plan for the university to consider. 

Read more: President's Task Force on Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resilience

Save the Date: Fifteenth Annual REI Energy Symposium - May 6, 2020

REI is hosting our annual symposium on Wednesday May 6, 2020.  Mark your calendars for the most anticipated energy event of the year. Spend the day with leaders, experts, and peers in the field as they address the newest initiatives, developments, and phenomena in energy

Theme: Decarbonizing the Energy Sector

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Rutgers EcoComplex Calls for Clean Tech and Clean Energy Entrepreneurs

The Rutgers EcoComplex located in Bordentown, New Jersey is taking a bold step forward, empowered by a federal grant being used to inaugurate an accelerator program called EcoIgnite for clean energy and clean tech startups.  EcoComplex Director Serpil Guran sees the accelerator program as a way to bolster clean tech and clean energy in New Jersey by supporting the clean energy entrepreneurs in these sectors.

“I have a passion for clean technologies, especially clean energy. Once I joined the EcoComplex I began to promote it as a clean energy innovation center,” Guran said.  “I am combining my experience in government and policy development with science and adding this to clean tech and clean energy business development.”

Launching the EcoIgnite accelerator is Guran’s latest clean tech passion.  Over the next few weeks she and her team will be accepting applications from clean tech entrepreneurs for the twelve week program.  She describes the program as “a broad yet an immersive business training experience”. Read more.

EcoComplex Hosts Legislative Visit Showcasing Green Entrepreneurs

Rutgers was featured in NJTV News highlightly thier role as New Jersey's clean energy innovation center and business incubator for green entrepreneurs.

About Rutgers Energy Institute

Meeting the Challenges for New Jersey and the Nation

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The Rutgers Energy Institute (REI) integrates Rutgers’ expertise in science, engineering, economics, and policy, putting it at the forefront of alternative energy research. Over the long term, innovative research and technological advances can help the United States to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels. At this critical juncture in history, we have the opportunity to transition from 20th-century technologies to those that sustain economic growth and preserve the integrity of our environment.


The Rutgers Energy Institute was formed in the summer of 2006 and is committed to serving the New Jersey community and beyond through four main objectives:

  • Research - Integrate basic research and real-world application to advance energy technologies that address biofuels, solar and wind energy, efficient energy use, and energy policy
  • Education - Train the next generation of leaders in energy research through multidisciplinary graduate and undergraduate programs that blend science, technology, economics, and policy
  • Outreach - Facilitating colloquia, workshops and seminars that stimulate interdisciplinary conversations on energy research and technologies, exploring energy topics most relevant to the Rutgers community, local businesses, homeowners, and politicians.
  • Advisory body - Provide objective information and advising the local, state, and national policy makers on energy technologies, alternative energy strategies and policy options.


REI’s mission is to foster both fundamental and applied scientific research and policy components to develop sustainable energy production compatible with economic growth and environmental vitality. To do so, REI brings together experts from academic units and research centers at Rutgers to develop strategic teams to work on developing renewable, alternative energy sources.


Rutgers Energy Institute - MissionThe Rutgers Energy Institute is engaged in four principal areas of activity: education of undergraduate and graduate students; pioneering research; outreach to the community to share information and engage the public; and policy advice to government, business, and civic leaders who require current knowledge about energy use, alternatives, and innovations to guide decision-making and public planning.

Each of these four areas is critical to the overall mission of the institute: to foster both fundamental and applied scientific research and policy research to develop sustainable energy production compatible with economic growth and environmental vitality.