Xu, Ming

Name: Xu, Ming
Title: Associate Professor
Department / Research Program: Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources
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Phone: 848-932-9211
Expertise: Climate change, Ecosystem functions and services, Ecosystem modeling, Biological carbon sequestration, Renewable energy


  • Global Change Ecology
  • China and Its Environment
  • Ecological and Environmental Modeling


  • Global Change Ecology: Investigating the impacts of climate change on ecosystem processes and functions and understanding the physiological/ecological mechanisms for plants and animals to acclimate/adapt to future climate change.
  • Big Data and Ecosystem Modeling: Using big-data and data-model fusion techniques to predict the impacts of climate change and human activities on ecosystem functions and dynamics, including biodiversity.
  • Ecosystem Services: Using ecosystem models to quantify and predict ecosystem services for sustainable ecosystem management under changing climate and human practices.
  • Renewable Energy: Renewable energy policy and its ecological and environmental impacts in China.
  • Biological Carbon Sequestration and Utilization: Biological carbon sequestration through reforestation/afforestation projects and carbon-oriented ecosystem management; Biological carbon utilization and storage through lithic and plastic mulching and CO2 fertilization in agriculture.


Publications: I have published more than 130 peer-reviewed journal articles and 3 books in English and Chinese.

Energy Research Areas:   Renewable energy, Bioenergy, Policy, China

Energy Research Focus: Renewable energy policy and its ecological and environmental impacts in China.

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